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ZINK CEO Chaim Pikarski was recently interviewed by Dealerscope magazine. Pikarski shares his vision for the future of ZINK and Zero Ink Technology. The podcast provides an inside look into the company, its partners that utilize the technology and where ZINK Holdings LLC is headed.

Retro instant photographs aren’t just for Throwback Thursdays anymore: Instant-print cameras are making a comeback because of nostalgic consumers and their novelty interest for younger people. And ZINK is profiting from this surge in Instant.

Reporter Julian Perry speaks to camera lovers who want to be able to print photos on the go – like the IVY from Canon which uses ZINK (Zero Ink) printing technology which prints using colorful dye-based crystals embedded within the paper.

The IVY printer utilizes ZINK Zero Ink technology, which means the IVY is capable of printing full color without the need of ink cartridges.

Reviewer Nav Gill of HypeBae gives the IVY high marks as a pocket-sized printer that you can use to produce physical copies of your treasured moments on-the-go. And with the innovative ZINK Zero Ink Technology you don’t run the risk of running out of printer ink – in fact, there’s no need for ink cartridges […]

With the announcement of Canon’s latest entry into the market, this particular printer does not use ink, instead using a special “ZINK” paper that does not require it. What’s particularly cool is the paper features a peel-off back that turns the photo into a sticker — if you want.

ZINK Holdings, LLC announced Canon’s latest lineup of consumer printers, the IVY Mini Photo Printer, will use ZINK Zero Ink® printing technology and paper. ZINK®, which stands for Zero Ink, is a full-color printing system that eliminates the need for ink cartridges and ribbons

Canon just launched its smallest photo printer yet – a little device called the Ivy that prints 2×3″ photos on ZINK paper embedded with ink crystals, in order to create a small, portable photo that doesn’t require ink cartridges.

Under new ownership, ZINK Holdings is surging having invested in operations and equipment to capitalize on the growing popularity of instant-print digital cameras and mobile printers. Triad Business Journal reporter Luke Bollinger takes a close look at the recent rise of ZINK Holdings and a look into its promising future.

Boston Globe correspondent Scott Kirsner interviews ZINK CEO Chaim Pikarski who purchased the company in 2015. In a remarkable turnaround story, Pikarski talks about bringing the company back from insolvency and the resurgence of instant photography.